Every day our 50,000 delivery experts deliver more than 3,6 million parcels across Europe’s largest road network and beyond. Every relationship we build along the way matters to us.

Our ambition is to be the best delivery partner to work with. So we’re continuously evolving our customer experience to deliver brilliantly simple solutions that make sending and receiving parcels easier and more flexible.


Predict- Know the exact hour we’re coming

Predict lets recipients across Europe know the exact hour their parcel will arrive. By sending delivery information in advance via SMS or email, there’s no more waiting around. It’s also easy to change the time, day or place of delivery if plans change.


Pick-up- Around every corner

We’re always looking for ways to make parcel delivery quicker, flexible and more convenient. Pickup does all of that. Our customers can send and receive parcels at the Pickup point that’s most convenient, whether it’s a busy street near the office, or somewhere closer to home.

Our local Pickup network makes it convenient for customers wherever they are in Hungary. You can select one of the 170 stores throughout the country and enjoy the convenience of picking up and dropping off a parcel just around the corner (Mister Minit, Paper shop, AGIP petrol station, Wine shop etc),


Driving Change- Our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe in being a responsible partner to the people, businesses and communities we work closely with.
DrivingChange™ is our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility.
Our approach is intended to be pragmatic. Our actions are meant to be the most efficient possible, that is why we are focusing on areas where we can make the biggest difference.As a member of DPDgroup, one of the leader parcel delivery services in Europe, we are working for our Customers’ satisfaction day by day. Our delivery experts and the outstanding services are meant to be supporting the Clients’ comfort, also a faster and better attendance.